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Isaac Stegman

Isaac Stegman- Founder & President of Kaizen Group

Isaac Stegman's Bio:

Isaac Stegman is currently the Founder and President of Kaizen Group, an organization focused on coaching and consulting services for professionals in the real estate, mortgage, and title/escrow businesses. Kaizen Group is also involved in various non-profit and for-benefit ventures including and Leadership-U.

As a successful business owner, speaker, and coach, Isaac has personally recruited and trained hundreds of individuals in the sales and marketing field and is considered an expert on building business relationships.  He is consistently in the top 1% of his industry and has achieved numerous sales awards and accomplishments.  Isaac's current projects include business development projects, speaking and teaching engagements, business coaching, and networking with other talented business leaders.


Isaac Stegman's Experience:

Isaac Stegman's Education:

Isaac Stegman's Interests & Activities:

Isaac enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing sports, reading, and giving back in creative ways. Isaac is very involved in community outreach and global contribution including projects such as Sell-A-Home-Save-A-Child and other non-profits. Isaac is currently working on an education platform called "Leadership-U" which will launch in 2017.

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